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  • You get tongue-tied when presenting infront of an audience?
  • You don't feel confident when speaking on camera, video or social media?
  • You want to show up as a trusted authority in your field?
  • You're a leader who wants to command respect & inspire your team
  • You want to tell engaging stories that illustrate your points & inspire your audience?
  • You've got an idea that you want to share & make money from?
  • You offer products or service & want to learn how to sell without being salesy?

Hi, I'm Robert Upright...

Public Speaking, Communications & Sales Specialist. I've walked the path you may find yourself on - a path marked by self-doubt, unease when speaking infront of people - whether on camera, social media, to live audiences or in the workplace - It felt like such a daunting task to just share a simple message, speak up in a team or deliver any kind of speech or presentation where other people were around.

For years I battled with social anxiety and a paralyzing fear of public speaking, which led to a pattern of hiding from life, love, business and opportunities in general - just living a really small existence. But after managing to conquer that fear, and driven by a desire to help others do the same, I now dedicate myself to helping you to overcome your fears, express yourself fully, harness your full potential, plus bring your ideas and passions to life through Empowered Communication.

So what does this mean for you? Well, my goal is to help unlock the value trapped within you by being able to speak confidently about what you do, who you help, the value you deliver, and how to authentically and naturally convey your message.

My mission is to equip you to speak, inspire and sell with integrity, authenticity, and with a new-found sense of confidence.

Imagine if you could...

  • Speak & Present With Confidence In ANY Situation - Online, offline, at work, on video, on stage - Imagine banishing those nerves, feeling in complete control & having full self-confidence: Refine your speaking skills, storytelling and ability to connect with & captivate any audience. Plus craft compelling presentations & pitches that not only educate & inspire, but also attract business whilst driving sales & conversions.

  • Lead & Inspire A Team - Whether in your own business or in a corporate setting, become that engaging, respected, trusted and IMPACTFUL leader who can set a clear vision that glavanaises an entire team to unified and powerful action!

  • Bring Your Business Ideas To Life - Overcome the frustration of having your ideas, experiences, and passions staying trapped inside your head. Imagine being able to unlock your creative passion & transform them into viable 'products' or services (coaching programs, courses, or services etc.) that inspire and captivate your audience, igniting their enthusiasm to move forward with you.

  • Overcome Your Fear Of Selling - Stop giving away everything free (or peanuts) and gain the confidence & skills to start charging what you're worth. Whether it's your own products, services, courses coaching programs, or you want to boost your sales at work, learning the art of 'selling without being salesy' or pushy, but instead in an authentic way will be a game-changer. Together we find & develop your natural sales style that feels authentic and finally gets you properly paid!


DARREN: Property Investor

"Being dyslexic I'd really struggled with self-belief & confidence from an early age. Working with Robert helped me to overcome this completely. I now use my skills & experience to make a difference & a living public speaking, coaching & mentoring people"

EVA: Coach | Podcaster

"Working with Robert has provided clarity & structure for my mind which tends to be very "flowy". I can now speak, sell & inspire people & get my ideas out in a confident and natural way. Because of working with Robert I've even started my own podcast. He's amazing!"

ALEX: Product Speacialist | Sales

"I worked with Robert on my confidence, speaking & sales skills, I went from being ranked 11th in the company to consistently placing in the top 3. My conversions have dramatically increased by 23% to over 80%, making bonus & bringing in £90K in revenue"

JANE: Women's Coach | Mentor

"A month ago I couldn't stand infront of even 5 peope and say my name... I hadn't known Robert for very long and we sat down for a 1:1, and within 2 minutes it's like he'd 'gotten into my soul! He helped me break through a barrier I'd held for years, find my voice and gain my confidence. Robert has been transformational!"

NICK: Business Growth Speciaist

"Robert gave some proven ways of building rapport & connecting with large or small audiences. He gave me a structure to follow, whilst at the same time allowing me to be my authentic, natural self. Whether you're just starting out or experienced, I'd highly recommend working with Robert"

KHALILAH: Online Coach

"Robert helped me gain focus and piece together a missing part of my business. I'd been missing the mark and struggling to understand why it wasn't working. He helped me speak directly to the hearts of my audience and encourage them to buy my product. I can't reccomend Robert highly enough!"

Ready To Uplevel Your Impact?

Are you ready to take your connection, storytelling, leadership, sales, inspiration and impact to the next level through powering up your communication?

Join me for a complimentary consultation where we'll map out personal plan and route to becoming your most confident & impactful self - an Empowered Communicator!


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